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Understanding Dating As A Social Phenomenon

Date Added: May 30, 2010 03:58:19 AM
Author: kehndall98
Category: Lifestyle

DATING is regarded as a social phenomenon where two people spend time together to evaluate each other's personality features and decide if they can establish a long-term relationship. Dating is frequently referred to courtship and occurs in a variety of different social forms and functions, and is normally the first step that couples take before deciding whether they are compatible with one another as partners. Some suppose that dating someone is a way to have an ongoing companionship resulting in a more serious commitment or even marriage, while others date to communicate with a number of people at once and are unwilling to start up a durable relationship.

Some people date for sex, others aspire to meet the one and create a family. Generally, there are different forms of dating alongside the more traditional dating type which involves going out on a date. The variety of dating types means that every person can make the most of dating experience.

- A blind date is when two love-seekers, who have never seen each other before, go out on a date. Typically, this is set up in advance by friends or family who consider the two people a perfect match.

- Speed dating or dating via a dating service is also growing popular and is when people are able to quickly meet and greet other dates to decide if any of them is suitable.

- There is Internet dating when two love-seekers have met online and maybe exchanged pictures but have not yet met personally. Online dating allows you to find and date people from the comfort of your own home. Daters can meet in chat rooms, on Internet dating websites, when playing online games, and via other online social networking websites. Online dating involves two or more people that meet and develop a reciprocal interest at first in cyberspace and afterwards in the real world. The forms of online dating are as varied as human beings' interests. Some sites cater to everybody, irrespective of age, nationality and sexual orientation, others are geared to certain religious groups, for those who are over 40 or 50, and so forth.

Fundamentally, there is a dating website for every person.


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